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To start a Knox County arrest warrant search, you will need some preliminary information which will be used to scour through the database of ME arrest records held by justice agencies. Even though the police offer the facility to conduct fingerprint inquiries along with name based investigations, for the former, you will need to get the subject involved in the process which may not always be an option.

In contrast, name based searches for arrest warrants can be conducted discreetly. Apart from the first, middle and last names of the subject, you will also be asked to provide the age, and date of birth. This will help to reduce the possibility of false results. Once you have the information you need for your inquiry, take it to the office of the sheriff or the magistrate.

You can also get in touch with the department of the county clerk for details on active warrants and arrests. Although this agency does not get directly involved in the issue or execution of Knox County outstanding warrants, they have criminal as well as civil court dockets on file. So, you can access information on all legal matters that involve the person being investigated in any way.

  • The sheriff’s department: 327 Park Street, Rockland, Maine 04841
  • The magistrate’s court: As below
  • The county clerk’s office: 62 Union Street, Rockland, Maine 04841

To conduct your inquiry of arrest warrants privately, use the application given above. In both cases, you will be expected to pay a small fee to cover the cost of the investigation.

Is there any way to get information about Knox County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)      

  • Call the Knox County Jail to learn about recent arrests-207-594-0430
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office to request an arrest report- 207-594-0429
  • Call the judiciary for details on outstanding warrants- 207-596-2240
  • Call the Clerk of Court for judicial records- 207-594-2576
  • Call the Knox County Attorney’s Office to reach Victim/Witness Services- (207) 594-0424.

Crime statistics of Knox County

In 2019, Knox County’s crime rate decreased by 1%. Around 5 of the 161 complaints were filed against violent people. These involved 5 cases of physical assault. The annual crime average included about 156 complaints of property crimes. Among these were 122 cases of larceny-theft, 21 of burglary and 13 of car theft.

Older crime statistics

The crime trends of Knox County, Maine are less than positive with violent crime rates surging by nearly 40% and the average of reported criminal activity growing by almost 25%. Annually, about 830 criminal matters are reported to the local police and in half of these cases, the crime occurs when the victim is close to his workplace or home.