About Me

MaineWhen most people think about skip traces or people locates, in their mind, it is all connected to the crime world.  In other words, most believe that only criminals need to be found but they could not be more wrong.

In the 25 long years that I have worked as a skip tracer, I have seen people from all walks of life and professional backgrounds requesting such information. It is true that a lot of such data is demanded by police officers and bail bond persons because they need to arrest and bring to justice those who are absconding from the law.

However, there have also been cases in which I was called upon to merely find the phone number or the address of a distant cousin. Yes, even in this day and age of social networks, people find it hard to locate distant relatives because often they have only met or seen them as kids and don’t know where they are now or their full name.

A lot of clients have also wanted me to look up their family history. No, this is not done to dig out old skeletons from the family closet but with the desire to know more about where they come from and their lineage. In fact, this is exact reason why people go to genealogic researchers. And yes, I do work for a lot of these establishments as well. In fact, the three listed below are my regular clients-

  • Cushing Forensic Research
  • International Genealogy Research
  • The Locators Ltd


This may come as a surprise to you but some of my clients are no longer alive. As shocking as it is but let me explain further. My pro bono cases are almost always handled for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. They notify the next of kin about decedents but this can only be done after the friends and family of the deceased are found. In many instances, information is not as readily available, which is where my services come in.

One of the reasons why I am still going strong in this line of work after so many years is because of my dedication to my work and my passion for it. Call me now and let us get talking about what I can do for you.

And while you are at it, do download this report: How to find any public records