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Maine outstanding warrants are pending detention orders; information on these directives is held by multiple state agencies and even the FBI. At any time, the State Police has details on hundreds of active warrants that remain to be executed. There can be a myriad of reasons why these warrants could not be served. Among the most common is that the police simply could not find the offender.

Of course, it is also likely that the person in whose name the warrant was issued had no idea about the release of the order against him. This usually happens when the case involves petty offenses. Then, there is the possibility that the offender deliberately took to his heels to evade arrests. What happens in all of these cases is that the active warrant is simply held back for use when a law enforcement agent spots the accused.

The role played by outstanding warrants in the process of arrests

Many criminal matters, even those that were linked to serious misdeeds such as sexual assault and homicide would not lead to arrests if not for active warrants from ME. These orders serve a twofold purpose; they assist in keeping the matter active for as long as the police need to apprehend the accused and they help in circulating information about a criminal case throughout the criminal justice network.

Since outstanding warrants have a significant amount of details on the perpetrator of the criminal act and the crime itself; they go a long way in helping police officers in making arrests. Furthermore, the notice of a pending detention order is sent to the central state crime history information bureau as well as the FBI. This means that criminal justice establishments in Maine as well as all across the country have details on the suspect.

When and how are outstanding warrants served?

There are very few limitations imposed on the execution of arrest warrants and even when these are put in place, they are clearly stated on the warrant by the issuing magistrate. As far as outstanding warrants issued in felonies go, these can be served without worrying about the time or the place of service. This means that the accused can be taken into custody from any part of the county, state or even the country.

Such arrest can be effected at any time of the day or night; only in case of misdemeanors, the arrest warrant can be served exclusively within the 6 am to 10 pm margin if the accused has to be taken into custody from an area that could not be deemed a public place. However, the judge can remove these restrictions and allow night service. For the execution of ME outstanding warrants, police officers are allowed to use force, physically restrain the suspect and summon the assistance of other law enforcement agents.

Who can offer information on ME outstanding warrants?

If you know where a criminal incident occurred or the name of the agency that handled the investigation of the incident or was involved in the issue of the arrest warrant, this would be akin to winning half the battle. You would simply have to go to the said courthouse or the sheriff office and request information on the detention directive.

However, if you would like a generic warrant search that encompasses all the police precincts in the state, you would need to get in touch with the Department of Public Safety for crime background information. It should be noted that at this point the DPS is only furnishing details on conviction cases.

This means that if a matter is pending in court and it will be if the perpetrator has not been arrested, you will not find details on it through the DPS. A simpler way is to get in touch with a private crime information vendor. Use the form on this site to connect with a reliable establishment