More Cannabis Legalization decisions coming in November

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Efforts to make the use of marijuana legal have sent the issue to be decided by lawmakers this November in Oregon, Alaska, and the city of South Portland in Maine. In Alaska, the measure reached approval in February. In Oregon, it became official as the result of nearly 89,000 signatures this past week.

South Portland similarly saw the measure made official this past week through signatures, 1500 in this case. City Council has the choice of approving the measure on August 4th, allowing adults aged 21 years or older to possess a maximum of 1 oz. of marijuana legally, or the could decide to leave the matter to voters in the fall.

Advocates of legalization are confident should the measure go to voters. During their drive to collect signatures, there was a preponderance of receptiveness to legalization. They indicated that many people believe decriminalization of marijuana would allow police officers to focus on more pressing matters.

Marijuana is still illegal under state law, so public display or consumption of it would still be unlawful, but the passing of this measure would let state lawmakers know that public support is present for legalization.